Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has been playing a vital role in producing quality engineers ever since it was established in the year 2009. 

The Department has M.Tech programmewith an Intake 12 along with its traditional B.Tech. programme in Civil Engineering with an intake 60.

The Department of Civil Engineering, one of the founding Departments of Dr KVSRIT, over the years, has grown tremendously, With its multifaceted faculty, it provides high quality teaching. We provide very attractive facilities and environment who joins the Department as Faculty or Student.

As the problems the society faces are multi-dimensional, so must be our efforts at combatting them. With this view in mind, since the inception of the Department, our goal is to do research in challenging engineering problems and provide efficient engineering solution in the various sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering.

The Department disseminates the knowledge gained from its high quality research through training programs and interacts with world renowned personalities through workshops and conferences.

As per the vision and mission, our aim is to deliver the best to our students, to the society and the nation.


To be a Center of Academic Excellence for imparting Quality Education, Research and Consultancy in Civil Engineering to meet Societal Needs with Credibility, Integrity and Ethical Standards.


  1. To produce Technically Competent Civil Engineers with Best Practices of Teaching-Learning Process
  2. To develop Wide Range of Skills in Cutting Edge Technology for Sustainable Development.
  3. To develop Entrepreneurial Spirit and Professional Ethics to serve the Society.


PEO 1: Practice Civil Engineering in Construction Industry Public Sector Undertaking and as an Entrepreneur for a Successful Professional career.

PEO 2: Pursue Higher Education for Professional Development.

PEO 3: Exhibit leadership qualities with demonstrable attributes in lifelong learning to contribute to the Societal Needs.


PSO 1: Analyze and design Building and Transportation Systems

PSO 2: Identify and recommend Sustainable Materials and Technologies for alternate engineered solutions

PSO 3: Provide Solution to challenges in water supply and sewerage system


  • Engineering Knowledge: The student is capable of applying the principles of basic sciences and mathematics in learning the Civil Engineering subjects. Graduates will be proficient in the core principles of Civil Engineering as they pertain to the sub-fields of Environmental Engineering, Geo-Technical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Water Resources Engineering and will be able to apply these principles in engineering practice.
  • Problem Analysis: The Graduates will possess critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities and familiarity with the computational procedures essential to the field.
  • Design & Development of Solutions: The student is able to plan, analyze, design and look after the construction of various types of Civil Engineering structures with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems: The student will use research based methods to design, conduct experiments, to analyze and interpret experimental data.
  • Modern Tool Usage: The student will get hands on training in the various modern Civil Engineering software and modern equipment.
  • The Engineer and Society: The students will apply reasoning and uses appropriate knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues.
  • Environment and Sustainability: As the students possess substantial knowledge in multi disciplinary subjects, they will be able to plan various projects keeping in view of its environmental effects on other related fields.
  • Ethics: The student will apply ethical principles and commitment to profession and responsibilities of their profession.
  • Individual and Team work: The graduate is capable of working productively as an individual, as a member or a leader in driver set teams.
  • Communication: The student will possess mastery in good communication skills, expressing ideas, writing technical reports and effective managerial skills.
  • Project Management and Finance: The graduates will acquire knowledge and understanding of the critical issues for professional practices such as the procurement of works, interaction with contractors during the construction phase of a project, financial and managerial capabilities.
  • Life-Long learning: The student will have an awareness of contemporary issues and will contribute to the well being of the community with life-long learning in the broadest context of ever growing technology


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