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About the Department
The Department of Master of Business Administration discipline at KVSRIT dates back to 2009, with an initial intake of 60 students. This was increased to 120 from 2013. Even though the Department is very young; it has made a name for itself, among the top few colleges, at the university level, through its performance in the examinations and in placement.
The Department strives to develop long term relationships with industries and market the Students Talents effectively; the students are thus provided high level leads and career pathways that enable them to gain access to a broad range of high potential MBA Career Opportunities
The mission of the department is to impart comprehensive managerial knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and provide corporate exposure through contemporary curriculum.
In order to meet the wide ranging, challenging and growing demands for professional Managers, in the recent times, from both the developing and the developed Nations, the Department of “Management Studies” was established in the College, as an exclusive Department and as a separate entity.

To be a Centre for Academic Excellence in fostering high standards of Management Education to Learners with Innovation and Entrepreneurship to cater for the Global Challenges in Industry, Government and Society.
M1: To impart Comprehensive Managerial Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Skills with Contemporary instruction.
M2: To provide Leadership Abilities and Corporate Exposure with Research Awareness through Industry-Institute Interactions.
M3: To sensitize Learners towards Work Ethics, Social Responsibility and Positive Approach in endeavor of Business Tasks effectively.
Program Educational Objectives (PEO)
Upon completion of the MBA:
PEO1: Graduates of the Program will have strong fundamental knowledge in Business Management and allied fields to develop Innovative Solutions for Contemporary Problems with changing business trends.
PEO 2: Graduates of the Program will have employability in different Disciplines of Management appropriately.
PEO 3: Graduates of the Program will have ability to adopt to the changing business needs with a focus on R & D and Business Incubation.
PEO 4: Graduates of the Program will inculcate the qualities of Leadership and Innovation by exploring their own opportunities through Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice.
Program Outcomes (PO)
Master of Business Administration Program Students will be able to
PO1- Apply Knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
PO2- Foster Analytical and Critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
PO3- Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability.
PO4- Ability to understand, analyze and communication global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business.
PO5- Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
The Department of Master of Business Administration has defined the following three POs:

PO6- Utilize qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate and solve critical business problems.
PO7- Gain the knowledge of fundamentals and practical applications from multiple functional areas (i.e., finance, marketing, operations etc.,) and implement in daily job activities.
PO8- Engage in independent and lifelong learning by developing a habit of knowing and understanding advances taking place in the field of business and management.


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