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The Indian education and employment system is finally giving the required heed to the importance of internships. Even official boards like AICTE have made internships mandatory to become eligible for graduation.

Students and employers, both, are realizing the criticality of an internship as an essential work experience and a step in place for a wonderful career.

Students from all streams, including arts, sciences, and engineering are finding internship opportunities across industries.

All this is happening because the benefits of an internship are becoming apparent. And, these 8 facts prove the same –

1. Best way to gain industry experience

Hands down, an internship is the best way to gain work experience as a student. Internships give you the valuable practical experience needed along with theoretical knowledge.

Employers often note that there is a disconnect between the requirements of the industry and the academics.

This gap can be bridged by an internship and pitch you as an ideal candidate.

Understand what you like and what you are good at
Often, you get into a course of study because you like the subjects. However, it’s only when you start working that you realize that you don’t like the field as much as you thought you did!

With an internship, you are not left abandoned when you realize you are not cut for some particular field.

You get an easy head start which makes it easier for you to figure things out. And, you also get an opportunity to explore the various options without the responsibility of a full-time job.

You can do multiple internships in various industries and profiles before you figure out the best path for yourself.

2. Add value to the CV
There is no other task tougher for a fresher than to create a job resume!

You will realize the importance of internship when you can effortlessly list down your achievements on a sheet of paper. It is the best way to relate your academic history to workplace skills.

The kind of work you do as an intern will set you apart from other candidates, making sure your CV gets you an interview call in the least!

3. Opportunity at a full-time position
Internships in India are like a precursor to a full-time position at the company.

Most employers like to test the skills of their candidates in the office environment. It gives them a chance to assess the candidates and it is also the perfect opportunity for you to impress them.

In fact, most campus placement programs at MNCs culminate in Pre-placement Offers for their successful interns.

4. Learn new hard skills and soft skills
A college course provides you the ideal foundation to build upon. However, it is an internship that elevates this knowledge and provides you an opportunity to learn new skills.

These new skills involve a blend of both hard and soft skills.

With an internship, you get the opportunity to learn hard skills like working on new software or technical processes.

Similarly, you get to improve your soft skills by learning the art of better communication and how to conduct yourself in a workspace.

5. Get a head start at networking
Networking is the secret to a successful career and the sooner you learn the nuances of networking, the better!

However, building industry connections seems like a tough task when you are on your own in college!

During an internship, you get to meet a lot of experienced people who have been in the industry for a long time.

So, impress and keep them impressed with your work and stay in touch with them even after the internship is over.

These people can help you in a way that they can write recommendations or put in a good word for you to help you land a great job.

Building industry connections become a tough task when you are on your own in college!

6. Ace Time management and professional habits
The biggest problem freshers face with their first job is adjusting to the new timetable and responsibilities. The transition from a carefree college life to a professional job can be tedious.

This is where the importance of internships can be observed.

You will know what it is to manage time with college work and office; you will learn the skills to survive in a work environment. You will learn punctuality, responsibility, ownership; all of which will serve you well in your career.

7. Build confidence
One of the most crucial benefits of an internship is the confidence you will build. A good internship will allow you to get feedback from the seniors and you can use this feedback to improve yourself.

Not just that, when you work in an office, you will realize that you are capable of making a valuable contribution to the growth of a company. And since most internships are paid, it can also add to your sense of confidence as you realize you are earning on your own now.

All these factors combined together will infuse you with a confidence no college course can!

Below is the list of companies through whom we are offering Internships.

1. Opal Cyber Solutions

2. Second Innings

3. Techno Endeavors

4. Indstack IT Consulting Pvt ltd

5. I-Pad Technologies

6. JSR Solutions

7. Aces Tech Pvt ltd.

8. DCS Consulting Pvt ltd.

9. Organic Prapancham

10. Emacs

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